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Our vision and Values

Policy To ensure our clients remain satisfied with the quality of our brands and service

Vision To keep the flame of entrepreneurship burning as a continuing company tradition

Slogan Your best choice for automotive needs

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Board of Directors

History and Evolution

Our history matters to us because it defines our future. We are proud of our story and we intend to share it in the continuing spirit of entrepreneurship that runs in our family.

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Quick facts About the Company

  • 1947 Ruhunu Motors Ltd. is registered by founder Somapala Kodituwakku in Matara.
  • 1952 Somapala moves to Colombo and becomes the first ever importer of Genuine Spare parts in Panchikawatte
  • Two of three sons pioneer entrepreneurial ventures of their own while the youngest son Bandu makes a late entry into the business.
  • 1981 29 year old Bandu Kodituwakku revives Ruhunu Motors by importing 2-wheel tractor spare parts. Bandu registers Ruhunu Motors as a limited liability company
  • 1988 The repertoire of brands expands to Kubota, Yanmar and Perkins, Bepco, 555, NSK, and Aisin.
  • 2003 The Ruhunu Motors showroom in Panchikawatte is re-opened with a facelift
  • 2007 Ruhunu Motors becomes official distributors for AISIN, and Perkins and BEPCO brands
  • 2006 Ruhunu Motors becomes authorised distributors for Japan's oldest and largest belt manufacturer Bando
  • 2009 Ruhunu Motors is appointed official agents for Denso.