Dealers | Ruhunu Motors

600 Dealers Islandwide

Ruhunu Motors is one of the largest importers of spare parts in Sri Lanka and this means we need a great network of efficient dealers and distributors who are ready to take our products to the end consumer fast and efficiently.

Over the last 65 years Ruhunu Motors Ltd. has survived and succeeded in an increasingly price sensitive market thanks to its family of 600+ dealers from all parts of the country who have been geared to adapt to the diverse and changing needs of the end customer.

Staying ahead of the competition means training our dealer network to respond on time and with accuracy. This is why our delivery happens within a day inside the western province and weekly across the rest of the country.

We interact with customers across the country and market to about 1000 dealers with a delivery staff of just over 12 who are supported by over 30 sales and marketing staff.

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